How can a demand planner estimate his or her value in the market in terms of salary expectation?

October 2, 2013 • Careers, Featured

The best way is to see what the salaries market is offering to such professionals. See the table below.

(All Industries Combined)

Rank Salary
Forecast Analyst $77,198
Sr. Forecast Analyst 81,568
Forecast Manager $100,951
Sr. Forecast Manager $102,906
Director of Forecasting $145,738
Note: Based on 2011 data

This is based on the information obtained from a recruiter, which at the time of registering seeker gave it to the company. If you want further breakdown, say by industry, region, academic background, size of company, and software used, see the IBF Report No. 11 on “Benchmarking Salaries of Forecasting Profession,” which is available from the IBF. This report came out in 2012.

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