What academic work has been done in the financial end of S&OP?

September 2, 2013 • Featured, Odds & Ends

I am writing my doctoral dissertation on the financial end of S&OP. My supervisor is asking me what academic work has been done in the area so that he can see my contribution to the current body of knowledge.

I am glad you chose to write your doctoral dissertation on this subject. It is certainly a process that more and more companies are adopting. Although a number of practitioners have written books on this subject, I have not seen any academic work on it. It is true that one of the key objectives of S&OP is to align operational plans with financial goals, but I don’t remember seeing any book that covers this issue in detail. To me, Tom Wallace is the guru of S&OP. You have already gone over his work. You may also like to look into the past issues of the Journal of Business Forecasting. A number of articles have been published on this subject.

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